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Senior Care Services.Org will strive to provide you with all of the information and senior care resources necessary to provide for your needs or for those of the ones that you love. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, we provide senior resources and information related to the local St. Louis area as well as information helpful to  the general needs of the elderly regardless of where you live. Stay current with the constantly updating news and articles of interest, senior care providers and the upcoming newsletters (See below).  This website is sponsored by Senior Care Psychological Consulting.


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Senior Care Articles and Information



Senior Articles of Interest:

Aging: Beginning to an end?

Alzheimer's Disease

Cancer: A Death Sentence for the Elderly?

Chronic Pain: Won't it just go away?

Depression among the Elderly

Health Insurance 101 for Senior Citizens

Long term care insurance: What is it really?

Medical Conditions and Information for the Elderly

Medicare: How will it help me?

Medicaid Program: What do I need to know?

Medication Information for the Elderly

Nursing Homes: What critical information should I know?

Personal Safety for Grandma and Grandpa

Prescription Medication: You have to get it right

Psychiatric Medications

Retirement Plan: The Basics

Social Security: Can I get it now?

Senior Housing Options

St. Louis Senior Resources:

Community Agencies and Resources: St. Louis, Missouri 2013

Community Agencies and Resources: St. Louis, Missouri 2011 and 2012 

Web Site Map

Senior Care:

Senior care information available at this website  includes a huge variety of senior resources, websites, senior articles, news feeds, and the names and contact information of most of the more well known senior services providers in the metropolitan St. Louis, Missouri area as well as throughout the United States.

Senior Care Providers:

Senior care providers include a comprehensive listing of nursing homes and other senior housing options, senior centers, Alzheimer's assistance, home health care providers, mental health clinicians, transportation services, meals on wheels, estate and tax assistance and information for the elderly provided by local, state and federal  governmental agencies.

Geriatric Psychologists in St. Louis Missouri:

Psychologists in St. Louis - Help Wanted

Senior News: Updated February 1, 2016

Safe Medication and Aging-6 Challenges to Overcome Medication Errors

When Pets Outlive Their Owners

Taking the Keys From Mom and Dad: Top 11 Tips for Living Without a Car

Senior Fitness and Wellness (Updated 2/1/16):

 How to Recession Proof Your Health 

Our Destiny Involves Each of Us Taking Responsibility for Our Own Health

Nurturing the Mind-Body Connection Through Relaxation


Retirement, Finance and Legal (Updated 2/1/16):

Family Trusts and Conservatorships- Remedies to Reverse Undue Influence

Using the Durable Power of Attorney

Retiring Better for Less 

Senior Health & Medical (Updated 12/6/15):

What Are the Risks of Laser Eye Correction Surgery?

Improve Your Diet to Cure Arthritis

Breast Cancer Survival is Possible, It's Up to You 

Memory and the Brain: (Updated 12/6/15)

Memory Tips You Can Use Today

Woman Mentally Sharp Even at 115 Years Old

Alzheimer's Disease and Brain Function-3 Things You Should Know




Late Breaking Physical, Mental Health and Aging Related News You can Use:

Healthy Aging You Can Use:

Hearing Aids Improve Memory, Speech     Hearing loss, if left untreated, can lead to serious emotional and social consequences, reduced job performance and diminished quality of life. Untreated hearing loss also ...(Jan. 28, 2016, ScienceDaily)

Physical Activity and Aerobic Exercise Helps Keep Brain Healthy      Regardless of gender, young adults who have greater aerobic fitness also have greater volume of their entorhinal cortex, an area of the brain responsible for memory. Better aerobic fitness however….(Dec. 2,2015, ScienceDaily)

Not So Happy Old Age?    The notion that older people are happier than younger people is being challenged following a recent study. In fact it suggests that people get more depressed from age 65 ...(Nov. 13,2015, ScienceDaily)

Additional Latest Senior Health News and Research

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